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The Skippy Generation


Each generation can measure themselves by a cultural phenomenon.

The children of the 60s were the flower power generation, the 70s were the disco generation and we carried on through Generation X, Y and Z.

Whether it was a new dance craze like the Twist, an invention such as the first hand held ‘yuppie’ mobile phone, or a television show, generations will have cultural touch points in common.

Research that we carried out has shown that there is a whole generation of television watchers who all grew up on Skippy the bush kangaroo.

During a recent survey for our client Go Skippy, we asked 1,000 people ‘How familiar are you with Skippy?’

First of all most people realised who Skippy was, with 79% knowing that she was a kangaroo, and only 21% not knowing that Skippy was a kangaroo.

But what was amazing was that in the age bracket between 40 and 60 years old, some 80% of people were very familiar with Skippy having watched episodes frequently. She is also well known among the younger age bracket.

Skippy actually transcended the generational divide, because while the show first came out in 1966 (the first and only year when England won the Football World Cup), it was then repeatedly aired in 1975 (when the Watergate scandal took place in the US).

We’ve found that a lot of people have favourite Skippy episodes, and can remember where they were when they watched it. That’s why we could refer to it as the ‘Skippy’ generation. And we are confident that going forward a whole new  generation will have favourite Skippy moments to share.