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Shed the Pounds by Spending the £

Innocent Smoothies new year campaign

The New Year can be a great time to focus on both personal and business goals and many brands are using the opportunity to target people who are bettering themselves for 2013.

Innocent smoothies have taken a very direct approach, helping people ‘beat January’ with their healthy and environmentally friendly products. Weightwatchers have created an empowering ad with Jessica Simpson reassuring those who want to lose a few pounds that they can reach their goal and stay happy, without being perfect.

Google, as usual, have gone for a slightly different approach, with their amusing ad, ‘New Me’. The ad shows a user browsing Google’s Play store for motivation to help them complete their New Year’s resolution. After downloading Rocky’s theme tune, some 'get fit' apps and a couple of fitness movies, they hover over a low-calorie cook book. Temptation prevails though and the self-improver instead buys a book of cookie recipes and watches clips of the cookie monster. The ad shows off all the features available in the Google Play store while the humour cuts through any self-improvement cynicism. With nearly 3 million views on Youtube, it is evidently content that people want to share.  

Coca-Cola faced more of a challenge to attempt New Year advertising with an unhealthy product. The obesity crisis in Europe and the US makes it hard for them to claim change. For the first time Coca-Cola faced this issue head on, with a two minute ad about how they are helping. It includes stats about how they have reduced the average number of calories per serving; introduced healthier options in schools and reminded people that all calories count.  Although it is easy to pick holes (they haven’t addressed the fact that most of their low calorie options are packed full of potentially toxic artificial sweeteners), this ad shows that if their customers are worried about their health in the New Year, Coca-Cola are too. As long as they back these claims up with real action they will continue to be market leaders.