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The Reel Deal


Video is now adding a whole new dimension to digital and social media strategy in today’s marketing world. It allows you to connect effectively with current and prospective customers.

Nothing is more engaging to your audience than photos or videos when it comes to online content. If images are appealing to your viewer, they will stay on your website for longer and click through to learn more about your products and services.

Back in the day, my dad came home one night with a Betamax video cassette player. The year was 1985 – the miners’ strike had ended and Bob Geldof was beseeching us to give our money to Live Aid. I sported a curly perm, wore a batwing jumper and leg warmers, fingerless lace gloves and a headband with a feather hanging off it!  I listened to Madonna, Duran Duran and U2. I owned a Rubik’s cube. All I needed to complete my life was a television with a video recorder.

The tapes had a one-hour limitation of recordable time and when we upgraded to VHS, if you recorded your favourite TV shows on “long play” you got twice the amount of recording time. I now had eight hours to play with to ensure I never missed Blind Date, Dallas or the Cosby Show. The wonders of Sky Plus did not yet exist! 

Because videotapes were so expensive to purchase, the family used to visit Blockbuster on a Friday night to hire a film for the evening.

DVDs did not come to your door, so you would spend an hour perusing the aisles of the video rental store and reading the blurb on the back of each video case, debating with your family regarding which film would make the grade.

The video store filled me with excitement and anticipation.  It had large cardboard cut-outs of film characters from the latest movies. If you were lucky, sometimes you were given a free poster with every film hire, which was blue tacked onto the bedroom wall as soon as you got home.  When Blockbuster introduced freezer cabinets full of American ice creams, I was in heaven. I could not wait to hire Back to the Future or to convince my dad to let me watch a Nightmare on Elm Street, even though I was under-age. My sister and I would repeatedly hire The Breakfast Club, where I longed to be Molly Ringwald and hang out with Emilio Estevez.

Today, there is easy access to films online. You can subscribe to Netflix or LoveFilm and you can enjoy movies on demand from Sky TV. On a Friday evening, you don’t have to leave your home as you order booze and pizza online to be delivered straight to your door.  Whilst waiting for your food delivery, you can surf the web on your IPad and engage with online videos on YouTube. 

All we need now is to resurrect the 1980s Betamax night theme complete with curly perm!