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From Power Suits to Smart Phones

From typing pools to Twitter followers

I started my working life sitting in a typing pool on a manual type-writer, fiddling with my clip-on earrings, adjusting my shoulder pads and stubbing a cigarette out in a large ashtray on my desk – yes we used to smoke in offices!

I was then asked to join the Marketing Department as an administrator, a job that changed my life and gave me the passion for marketing that I have today.

At that stage, I was 22 years of age and had never heard of search engine optimisation or pay per click.

Digital strategy was not on the radar and E-shots would have been some wacky name for an alco-pop sitting next to Mad Dog 20:20 or Thunderbird!

What did we do before the days of social media? In my early 20s, I didn’t have a mobile phone, never mind an iPad or MacBook. Apple only existed in the greengrocer back then.

Now you may be thinking – how old is this dinosaur working in Marketing? But I am only 41 years old. So I started to look at the way in which marketing has changed and evolved over the years.

We now use a mobile phone instead of a landline and smart phones have created new opportunities for businesses. We can email, text and use our phone to surf the Internet. Little did I know I would be checking my phone to find out where the nearest Mexican restaurant is or tweeting about my day!

The change in technology means it is important for businesses to be at the cutting edge of marketing and regularly update ideas. Videos have exploded across websites and are a fantastic tool to communicate with your audience. This means that your marketing department will now need to understand digital strategy and become media experts. How much budget do you need to put towards an interactive website, social media, apps and email marketing?

Consumers have changed. Potential customers will do research online, and complain on Twitter and Facebook if they are unhappy. They have plenty of alternative purchasing options now available to them. Therefore you need a unique selling proposition to get their business.

We work closely with our clients to allow them to remain at the forefront of their marketplace. I feel excited every day I walk into the office, as we are all constantly learning about the latest marketing ideas or products available. If the changes in marketing scare you, then do not hesitate to pick up a phone and have a chat, as we can help you evolve and become leaders in this ever-changing marketplace!

Now where did I leave that clip-on earring...?