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How to create the perfect Easter Egg

How to advertise at Easter

I was in the co-operative supermarket shop this week and my eye was drawn to some really incredible looking Easter eggs.

Now the first thing to note here is that it was February 22, so the Easter eggs were in stores a full month early.

That’s hardly surprising. Easter is the second most important holiday in the UK calendar, it’s a significant time for people who are religious, a great time of year to take a holiday and, last but not least - everyone loves chocolate!

But what I noticed was that one of the eggs had a break in the chocolate which made it look as though it was full of nuts and wild berries. On closer inspection this was just a facade – like all Easter eggs the egg was hollow but the producer had tried to give the illusion that it was full.

What I took from this was that we as marketers are loading calendar events with more and more significance, which could be in danger of backfiring.

We are beginning to celebrate Halloween as fervently as the Americans with zombie events and an increasing number of fancy dress stores to serve costume parties.

Christmas preparations now start at the end of October, and having recently been in America at that time of year, from what I saw our decorations and festivities far outdo those across the Atlantic.

Valentine’s Day has gone from being a relative non-event to a huge boom time for retailers and restaurateurs, with the pressure very much on for men to outdo themselves year after year. And Mothers and Fathers Day were never celebrated at all 15 years ago, but are now a blessing for greeting cards stores.

For consumers this adds some element of pressure – but I think we like having things to celebrate and need every opportunity to show our appreciation for each other.

What is interesting is how this works for marketers. Events and holidays provide inspiration and give focus to our annual strategy. However, with the pressure and expectations of making each year better than the last – is there not the danger that the latest marketing campaign might end up like the Easter egg?

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