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The Evolution of Creation


The amoeba began life in the Primordial swamp.

During the 18th century the British moth became black to blend in with the surrounding smog.

To put it simply, evolution is the process of natural selection in which creatures evolve due to their surroundings.

darwin moth evolution

Creation is no different. To create we must be stimulated by our environment to such an extent that it moves us to document it.

In the working world we often confuse a deadline with inspiration. We have no choice. Necessity takes over and the creative process is compressed. Not necessarily lessened, but intensified by the need for financial growth.

Creation Media benefits massively from being a full service marketing agency where our digital, creative and marketing teams bounce ideas off each other and work in unison to fulfil clients’ goals.

We have evolved constantly, taking on larger clients while retaining our personal service to the smaller ones, making our processes more sophisticated to manage the work flow, employing more staff and growing all aspects of our offering.

Up to now we have worked together under one large roof; coexisted happily and enjoyed the buzz of a busy workplace.

But now another step is necessary in the evolutionary process. The creative and digital departments are very different from marketing in that we need a calm atmosphere to nurture creativity and innovation. While marketing need to constantly communicate with every point of our business, the digital and creative departments need a spirit of calm contemplation to design a brochure, build a website or write a blog.

So as the amoeba once split itself to divide and conquer, the creative and digital team will be moving into what was once our boardroom. We’ll still be in constant communication with each other and our clients, but we will have the right environment in which to flourish and create truly outstanding work.

This is a big step in the evolution of Creation and we look forward to continuing our growth and development as a business.

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