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Marketing Begins From Within

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Having talked to many businesses, and having executed many briefs and campaigns, companies must then turn their attention to marketing from within.

Marketing starts with every member of staff understanding what your company is trying to achieve.

Business is difficult to attract and you can spend thousands trying to gain new customers when they could already be within your company.

What do I mean by this... well it is well known that happy staff who are proud of the company they work for will recommend your business to their family and friends.

We know that people buy from people. What incentives have you In place for your staff to promote your business and gain new customers?

The other way to market from within is to capture the data from enquiries and walk through traffic.

Data Capture

It amazes me everyday that companies do not have any strategy on how to gather their customer data.

It's simple to give them a reason so that they want to give you their data. If a restaurant asked me for my email address I probably wouldn't give it to them.

However if they thanked me for my business and said they would send me a £5 voucher to use when revisit, I would give them my information.

Planning activity is very easy and can make a huge difference to repeat customers, recommendation and referral.

It is eight times as easy to sell to a person who has bought before rather than trying to gain a brand new customer.

Is your budget big enough to have to spend eight times more than you have to?

If you want to draw out a communication plan to assist your business growth please get in touch. I am sure you have thought about it many times and I would love to help you action your thoughts.

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