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Cats Make Great Creative

marketing campaign Ikea cats

One of the adverts that caught our eye this month was Ikea’s ‘happy inside’ campaign which managed to successfully evoke that warm-fuzzy home feeling in at least half of the population.

Unless you’re exclusively a dog lover, you couldn’t help but smile at Ikea’s footage of the furniture company releasing 100 cats into one of their stores at night.

The advert captured some lovely moments of cats playing amongst some of the furniture and snoozing on more comfy items. And who better to test comfort than the animal that makes coziness its overriding life goal?

Because of the nature of its business (mass production, mass market) Ikea could have easily let their brand slip into being impersonal and low-end. With this advert they managed to appeal to people’s soft side and also show how easy it is for their furniture to go from looking a little clinical under the strip lights of the warehouse to luxuriously homely.